Some of Our Features

Horror and the supernatural have fascinated people for centuries, and many of the most central figures appear over and over again. These figures have starred in the world’s most widely read literary works, most popular films, and most captivating television series. Because of their popularity and influence, they have attained iconic status and a special place in the popular imagination.

Our Magazine offers extended entries of the most enduring and significant figures of horror and the supernatural, including editorials and Reviews for Horror Movies, Heavy Metal, Horror Books, Horror/Survival Games, Creatures and Monsters, Demons, Myths, Unexplained Events, the most notorious Serial Killers, Horrific Crimes, Unsolved Mysteries and much more.

Grim Magazine Features:

  • Overviews on a wide range of horror-related lore
  • Editor’s Choice – points readers to a selection of content hand-picked by our contributors
  • News – gives you the latest in horror news, metal music, movies, books, gaming, supernatural and more
  • Editorials – articles that are written by or on behalf of this Magazine
  • Interviews – one-on-one conversations with the horror music masters in the industry
  • Member Art – a gallery dedicated to horror and our member’s art
  • Events, Cons & Festivals – keeping you updated on the fun things you love the most
  • Contests, Drawings, and Giveaways – monthly contests and giveaways to the users of Grim Magazine
  • And so much more and still growing!