Financing Available


With our EASY website financing plan, there’s NO reason not to have a website!

If you’re a struggling author, artist, small business owner, etc., and could use a little more payment flexibility, we offer our no-interest website financing program. With this financing, we will break up the total cost of your website into payments that run over a period of time; up to 6 months. Our website financing is available with 0% interest!

Why Finance?
This easy website financing option has allowed many authors, artists and small businesses to grow their business to the next level, and in fact, most of our clients take advantage of this monthly payment plan.

Our financing is quite simple and direct. Here’s the fine print…it’s this simple:

  • Website financing requires NO credit check or approval.
  • The total proposal must be in excess of $600.
  • We retain ownership of the domain name & the website files until the full account balance had been paid in full.
  • The website must be HOSTED with us for the first 6 months.
  • When taking advantage of our website financing, the payments are structured as follows:
  • 6 months “same as cash” – payments begin once a proposal has been agreed upon. An example of the payments for a site costing $1299.00 ($1,299 divided by 6 = $216.50/mo.)
  • Monthly payments MUST be made no later than the day in which the payment is due.
  • Monthly payments are automatically (recurring) charged to PayPal.
  • You can also pay by check or Money Order, but they must be cleared before payment is due.
  • If any of these payment methods are not honored for any reason, the account will automatically go into default.
  • If the account enters into default, the website will be closed or blocked until payment is received.
  • If no payment is received on the due date, the domain name is forfeited; no further responsibility of ours and we retain 100% of the fees already paid to cover the work we have already put into your website. A zero-grace-period exists, so PLEASE make certain your website financing plan works for you.
  • Monthly payment covers ONLY the balance of the initial scope of the project. Other modifications, add-ons, changes, maintenance, etc., will be charged at our normal initial or hourly rate if it applies.
  • A client will NOT receive any design Files that were created, have no access to FTP, cPanel or Administrative areas of the website, server environment or otherwise, until the account balance is paid in full.


If none of our plans work for you, we can definitely do something more custom that does! Just contact us and we will go over other options.