Killing Floor 2
Enjoyment 4
Story / Atmosphere 4
Gameplay / Controls 4
Character Development 4
Graphics / Sound 4

Killing Floor 2 places the gamer into continental Europe, about one month after the original Killing Floor trials. Now the outbreak caused by Horzine Biotech’s failed experiment has gained relentless momentum, essentially paralyzing the European Union

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Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 places the gamer into continental Europe, about one month after the original Killing Floor trials. Now the outbreak caused by Horzine Biotech’s failed experiment has gained relentless momentum, essentially paralyzing the European Union – with all being methodically obliterated: communications, governments, and military forces alike, it is now up to a group of civilians, who have not yet given up hope to combat the outbreak and establish privately funded operation bases across Europe. New elements to Killing Floor 2 are an enhanced level of carnage, with the visceral gore ramped up through a proprietary, high powered persistent blood system. As well as terrifying Zeds – novel enemies and fan favorites return with expanded and smarter artificial intelligence. Six player co-op or solo play is available, together with a unique blend of weaponry. An expanded perk system – with perks from the original game having been reimagined, and further brutal melee combat – reinventing the melee combat completely, make for a blood-splattered gaming experience.

Admittingly, I was a little skeptical about buying this game from all the negative comments and reviews I had read, but I’m so glad I took the chance and just bought it. This game is loads of fun and I can’t believe so many people are crapping all over it. It’s a zombie apocalypse, gore infested, survival and FPS game. As soon as I started playing Killing Floor 2 I was completely hooked. It was the only game I played for nearly 2 months, it’s that amazing. It’s a straightforward game, strictly gameplay based, You simply choose a character, a class, your starting perks, a map, the difficulty level, the number of incoming waves and you’re all set for hours upon hours of intense fun and engaging gameplay. - Killing Floor 2 - Game Review

(2016) Killing Floor 2 Gameplay Still


If you like playing with friends, be sure to bring them along, it definitely adds another component to the game, and will increase your chances of survival a great deal. However, it’s just as fun and even gives you a much bigger challenge if playing it solo, so either way is awesome. While there are some “less useful” perks, the perk system is overall pretty balanced and the weapons work well within the perks. While the early levels don’t require a lot of teamwork, the later levels definitely require both high leveled perks and teamwork in order to succeed. For solo players without a team, most high-level players will work with you, as long as you have a microphone. In my opinion, this game is better than the original in nearly every way. Graphics are absolutely a treat to the eyes, and the gunplay is fantastic as always from Tripwire.

I was completely blown away by how stunning this game looks, from every angle and every vantage point. You start with the zeds outbreak caused by Horzine Biotech’s failed experiment. Quickly becoming unstoppable momentum, the zeds have overtaken continental Europe, then it gets more interesting after that. The zombies in this game are a big piece, it’s easy to kill them with a good physics system. Enough to beat them on the head with a couple of bullets. The accuracy and recoil of bullets it’s not so realistic but it “snaps” well with the game’s physics system. There’s a lot of weapons, from knives to M32 Grenade Launchers. This makes the game more interesting.

The mechanics are not so well as realistic as you can fall from a long distance and you do not burn up any of your hp. When in a match, you have a lot of perks that they have certain weapons and different kinds of explosives. You can grow up your perk and get more damage and accuracy in battles. Also, some secondary weapons (pistols, e.t.c) it’s dual wield and can upgrade damage from trader’s shop. And the game has a well way to heal yourself with the medician syringe. It’s endless and it gives you 40hp every time you ‘ll heal your self. The community makes a lot of different mods with custom maps inspired by the old maps from Killing Floor back in 2009. - Killing Floor 2 - Game Review

(2016) Killing Floor 2 Gameplay Still


The Tripwire maps have a dense, but extremely precise and interesting design that encourages for both holding all kind of spots cooperatively, or for unbroken sprints around the map for the ones that don’t give up easily. That’s great but initially hindered by putting too much of the enjoyable stuff beyond the beginner’s reach – higher difficulties are now bringing a lot of new in-game content, giving players new challenges to face, and making it really enjoyable from the time perspective.

I gotta say, The Killing Floor 2 is a very well-layered game. Multiplayer cooperation, a lot of perks to choose – each one of them brings up a lot of uniqueness and synergizes with the others, a lot of zed types to face, two end-game bosses to face against in the end, enjoyable weaponry and a well prospering in-game mt system. I loved the first Killing Floor and I love this just as much. If you’ve been a lifelong gamer then this is definitely a game for you. I can even recommend buying it at full price if you’re really curious.


About the product

  • A Digital Deluxe Edition of the game is available
  • An in-game store allows players to purchase cosmetic items for their characters
  • The game also features dynamic and destructible lights and other breakable objects
  • Bonus features: the soundtrack, a digital artbook, several in-game virtual items, and a copy of the original Killing Floor game - Killing Floor 2 - Game Review
Title: Killing Floor 2
Genre: First-Person Shooter, Survival Horror
Rated: Mature
Release Date: November 18, 2016
Developer: Tripwire Interactive
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, MS Windows, Steam
Mode(s): Single Player, Multi-Player
Reviewed by: Mad Hatter
Our Rating: 4.0 /5


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