The Forest (2018)
Enjoyment 4
Story / Atmosphere 4
Gameplay / Controls 3
Character Development 3
Graphics / Sound 4

The Forest is a first-person open world survival video game developed by Canadian company Endnight Games for Microsoft Windows. The game takes place on a heavily forested peninsula apparently in British Columbia, Canada where the player character and a..

Summary 3.6 Great
Enjoyment 0
Story / Atmosphere 0
Gameplay / Controls 0
Character Development 0
Graphics / Sound 0
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The Forest (2018)

The Forest is a first-person open-world survival video game developed by Canadian company Endnight Games for Microsoft Windows. The game takes place on a heavily forested peninsula apparently in British Columbia, Canada where the player character and a young child are the survivors of a plane crash. The game features non-linear gameplay, with no set missions or quests, empowering the player to make their own decisions for survival. Early reviews for the pre-alpha version were highly positive. The game was first released in early access on May 2014, with the final version released in April 2018.

I’ve played The Forest for several years as an Early Access game, and I’ve played a ton of open-world survival games in my time, and The Forest remains one of my favorites even today. The storyline is unique and very well done. The game also offers two different experiences in multiplayer and singleplayer.

The base building system works just as it should, and the AI’s intelligence is incredible. I would only recommend this game to anyone who can tolerate nudity and gore because there’s a lot of it in this game. You can also play this as just a survival game if you prefer, as you can simply turn the cannibals off on the main menu, but to me, the cannibals are the best part of this game. - The Forest - Game Review

(2018) The Forest Gameplay Still


The main components that make The Forest superior to other Survival games are its exploration, crafting, immersion, and storytelling. Exploring the island and caves are some of the most disturbing moments in this game. The underground cave systems can be extremely claustrophobic and intense places to explore in the game. There is very little light in them, and some parts none at all, so you better have some form of lighting on you at all times if you plan on making it out of them. The lighting and sound in the caves are creepy good and really give off that you are alone in a dark and wet cave.

It’s fully up to you and your wits to navigate through them. These caves are littered with disgusting pale-skinned cannibals and very frightening mutants that will indeed kill you if you are not careful. Don’t give up too quickly on working your way through the caves as most of them will reward you with new and more powerful weapons and clues as to what exactly is going on the island. Probably the best thing The Forest offers is its story, and your quest to find your son.

The game starts out with you and your son traveling across the country when your plane crashes on an island. You survive the plane crash, but quickly discover that your son is taken by some strange “Orange” figure. You learn later on that the figure was the CEO, who captured your son only to revive his own dead daughter. You are not alone on this island. There are cannibals and mutants alike that are roaming around. When you first encounter the cannibals, they might avoid you, but are very aware that you are new blood.

If you are able to escape the plane crash before they find you, you will have the opportunity to build a base without their knowledge. If they find you and come near your base they are going to mean business. if you pick a private enough location that’s not on one of their common walking routes, then they generally won’t find you unless you are followed home by one of them.

You can usually see them stalking you when you are building your shelter or scavenging for food. It isn’t until you kill the first cannibal that they begin to send raiding parties after you. And believe me, they will send to 5-20 cannibals and mutants to fuck you up or kill you, then drag you away into their caves to be eaten by them later. - The Forest - Game Review

(2018) The Forest Gameplay Still


Besides the humanoid cannibals, there are many mutants who can always be found in caves and trust me, they will surface more frequently the more you fuck with them. The mutants will also have their babies with them and are significantly harder to kill as well as do an incredible amount of damage. You will also have many starving cannibals who will stalk you to find out where you live, then scavenge off any kills you make.

Almost all of the cannibals will duck and roll to evade attacks. They can and will climb trees to escape, totally wreck your base and will drag their wounded out of battle if at all possible so that they can run off to gather others… if you let them escape.

The Forest is a perfect example of what you can do in a survival game. So if you enjoy cannibals running around and screaming while trying to kill you, or love crafting and building your base, then The Forest is definitely worth the purchase.


About the product

  • Build, explore, survive in this terrifying first-person survival horror simulator.
  • Explore and build during the day. Defend your base at night.
  • Craft weapons, tools, bunkers, grow plants for foods and medicines.
  • Play by yourself, or with up to 8 friends for the ultimate survival experience.
  • Use stealth to evade enemies, or engage them directly. - The Forest - Game Review
Title: The Forest
Genre: Survival Horror, Action, Adventure
Rated: Mature
Release Date: January 30, 2017
Developer: Endnight Games
Game Engine: Unity 5
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Steam
Mode(s): Single-Player, Multi-Player
Reviewed by: Dr. Butcher
Our Rating: 3.6 /5


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