Ghost – Prequelle (2018)
Production 4
Musicianship 5
Songwriting / Lyrics 4
Originality 4
Overall Sound 5

Prequelle is the fourth studio album by Swedish heavy metal band Ghost. It was released on June 1, 2018. The album’s first single, “Rats”, was released ahead of the album on April 13, and as of June, had peaked

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Ghost – Prequelle (2018)

Prequelle is the fourth studio album by Swedish heavy metal band Ghost. It was released on June 1, 2018. The album’s first single, “Rats”, was released ahead of the album on April 13, and as of June, had peaked at number four on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart. The album marked the band’s strongest selling debut to date, landing at number 3 on the Billboard 200, selling 66,000 copies in its first week, with 61,000 of those being “traditional” album sales.

The amazing mystery man, Tobias Forge returns! Well, not so much a mystery these days but still another mighty return with Ghost’s newest album, ‘Prequelle’, only this time he brings not a new Papa but a new lineage as Cardinal Copia. Papa Emeritus III was removed last year, and replaced by Copia along with the release of this new album, as with every new album that came before. Copia’s image and the obvious abandonment of the Papas are quite symbolic of Ghost’s ever-impressive style. - Ghost - Prequelle - Heavy Metal Review

Ghost 2018 Prequelle Tour Photo


Prequelle is quite a magical ride and a very good album. Seriously, I was truly blown away by this album and feel it was a musical masterpiece. And to be honest, I was not expecting to become so hooked on it, but then again stranger things have happened to me in my metal journey. As an older metal fan, it almost felt like I was listening to something from the early 80s.

I’ve read a lot of reviews with people saying some really shitty things about not only the album but the band as a whole. Most people seemed to have liked their earlier stuff but take a piss all over the new material, saying things like Ghost sold out or that they now sound like some satanic boy band, or place them entirely in the pop group… wtf ever.

Nothing could be farther from the truth, and I suppose these same complainers have never noticed all of the progressive rock or pop elements of ghosts former albums? I sort of feel sorry for those people who said that this album sucks because I think they are truly being close-minded and missing out.

Back to the album, ‘Prequelle’ opens up with a short intro with “Ashes” which throws you into a darker mood before leaping into the next track that brings us “Rats”. “Rats” is one of the best things about the band having catchy chorus sections, which also very well applies to the remainder of the album as well. “See The Light” is a more mellow piece and very enjoyable to listen to. The vocals here are just mesmerizing. Gotta love a man that can wrap his tongue around those ‘R’s’ like that! - Ghost - Prequelle - Heavy Metal Review

Ghost 2018 Prequelle Tour Photo


“Miasma” is full of fantastic leads with a heavier rhythmic section. The song is just brilliant, and that Sax section will blow your fucking mind. “Dance Macabre” is another more mellow track, yet still being very catchy indeed. “Pro Memoria” to me was the most memorable song on the album and most likely the best of Ghosts songs on this entire album, it’s definitely my personal favorite. Why it’s not a favorite for many others is beyond me but whatever. “Witch Image” is another catchy track offering more heavy guitars and synths, and yes, more superb vocals.

“Helvetesfonster” is yet another instrumental track on the album but with a very emotional instrumental feel. ‘Prequelle’ ends with “Life Eternal”, a slower song compared to the rest of the album, but an excellent choice for the ending of this fine album.

I highly recommend it to any mature metal/music lover who has graduated from being the elementary fan-boy. To me, Ghost just keeps getting better with every new album. ‘Prequelle’ is a thoroughly satisfying album with all sorts of wonderful expectations you demand from a band of this magnitude. Besides, if I were to give this album a shitty review the Editor might just have my balls. Haha!

Ghost – Prequelle (2018) | Grim Magazine

Artist: Ghost
Album: Prequelle
Released: June 1, 2018
Label: Loma Vista
Producer: Tom Dalgety
Genre: Rock/Metal, Arena Rock
Website: Ghost’s Official Website
Discs: 1 disc
Reviewed by: Dr. Butcher
Our Rating: 4.4 /5


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