Grim Magazine is an online horror review magazine dedicated to all aspects of horror, thriller, mystery, suspense, and otherwise downright creepy and disturbing media. We cover movies, like Gerald’s Game, Saw, 1922, Resident Evil, Night of the Living Dead, Chainsaw Massacre, and Carrie, Horror Books and Games, and all types of other media that is to blame for chills running up and down our spines, or forces us to pull up the covers over our heads at night. We are all about HORROR!

So yeah, movies come and go. The characters change, technology becomes more advanced, and people just simply move on. But fear- man, fear sticks with you for a long, long time. Deep-rooted beliefs and dark feelings in the pit of your stomach hints that your worst nightmares are about to come true. Your mind becomes sharp and focused, your heart starts pounding, adrenaline rushes out to your limbs in hopes that you can escape quickly enough. So whether it be the ominous moaning of the dead shuffling through the halls that gets you going, or a pack of rotting zombies tearing down your door, or maybe some ungodly creature lunging towards you in the middle of a dark and isolated room, nothing sticks out in your mind quite like the very first time you were ever frightened.


Usually, we base our picks on the popularity of a particular media type. The more a book, film, TV show, game or song affects people, the more interested we are in telling about it here. We also pay quite a bit of attention to niche products that generate a lot of cultural buzzes, and Indie films are very much loved by us. These types of releases tend to create a great deal of influence on the direction in which our culture is headed. Also, we closely track what types of reviews our readers are most interested in; based on traffic patterns and searches made on the site. So, if for instance our review of a particular horror movie gets read by a lot of people, we give more attention to other movies within that same feel. Additionally, we strongly factor in the stories, e-mails, and letters you send to us, as well as all the mixed discussions on our Horror Group!

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Below is the outline of our rating scale that we use in our Magazine. Our reviews are simply our own personal opinions and thoughts of a particular book, movie, game, etc. Not everyone will agree with our reviews, and that’s okay too! The entire point of a review is based on one persons ‘personal‘ opinion.

★★★★★ Superb
Our highest ratings are reserved for that once-in-a-lifetime book, movie, or game that was flawless in every way and left you speechless. This rating goes to something we were unable to put down, stop watching or stop playing: true page-turners, edge-of-seat material, incredible world-building, multilayered characters, and an unpredictable plot, twist, turns, that held onto us the entire time. This is the type of material, even after we’re finished with it, we still can’t stop thinking about. The material we often revisit multiple times. Our five-star ratings go to media that we will cherish forever. Everything about it will stay with us for a long, long time. Highly Recommended!

★★★★ – Great
We loved it! And we would definitely recommend it to family, friends or anyone we meet, as we believe that most people should find it just as enjoyable. There are usually so many things we love about it and had difficulty leaving it. Barely missing out on a five-star because we thought that some elements were a tiny bit lacking, or had room for improvement. It might have been something that was amazing but predictable or needed a little more character development, or perhaps we simply could not connect very well with a specific character all the time. Media that receive our four stars are usually those that capture our attention, lose it and then re-capture it.

Three stars are still positive on our end. We usually give three stars when the material was okay but didn’t go the extra mile to be great. Meaning, although it was decent, we didn’t really love it, but we also didn’t dislike or hate it either. If we give a three-star rating, it means that it possibly failed to keep our full attention so we stayed sidetracked. If a book, we probably skimmed through a few chapters or fast-forwarded if a movie, or maybe we thought certain characters very annoying or could not relate to at all. Nevertheless, we would still recommend it the film, but it just will never be a personal favorite.

This rating is reserved those we felt were just meh. We liked one or two things about it, but not enough good moments for us to fully enjoy. We usually find something within it very lacking and we usually don’t remember much about it, nor will we be excited to share it with anyone. There also may have been something we, personally, found way too disturbing or offensive. This rating is also used for material lacking balance in plot-line development, where the shock effect dominates over a well balanced and justified story-line. We could probably pinpoint one or two things we liked, but overall the material was just wasn’t our cup-o-tea.

This is our least favorite rating and usually means that we did not enjoy anything about it. It saddens us to give this rating, truly. When we give this rating it simply means that we wasted our time trying to get through it. And please keep this in mind, we will not rate anything that we have not finished. We do not believe it’s fair to put a rating on something we did not finish from beginning to end. However, and I’m happy to say, this rating to date has not had to be used by us much at all.

The Grim Magazine Team