Website Services

List of Website Services & Features

We have created a list of our most common website services, products, and customizations. A wide array of our websites use a number of these useful features to achieve their goals.

This list is in no way all-encompassing, as every project brings in new feature requests. All websites we create are controlled by various content management systems for website owners to easily control their content if they wish. Please familiarize yourself with some of these features:

  • Web Designing
  • Website Hosting & Domain Registration
  • Free Consultations
  • Website Financing
  • Content Management System
  • E-commerce, Shopping Cart, Online Payments
  • Accepting donations
  • Blog (with or without comments)
  • Custom Contact Forms
  • Customized Add-ons
  • E-learning Online Courses (Moodle)
  • Event Calendar
  • Image Optimization
  • Google sitemap generator
  • Photo Gallery / Slideshow
  • Lesson/Appointment setup
  • Custom Menus and Navigation
  • Links (aka blogroll)
  • Newsletters/Subscriptions
  • Social Media Integration
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Chat Room/Forums
  • Password protected pages
  • Polls for visitor voting
  • Web-Based Email Addresses
  • Project portfolio
  • Tags (for easy searching)
  • Responsive Forms & Design
  • Printer-Friendly Web pages
  • Video Installation
  • Website Maintenance
  • Directory Submission
  • SEO Optimization