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Details on Submitting your Reviews

Grim Magazine is always looking for great horror reviews, interviews, movie news, fresh articles, and especially writers that love writing about horror. We would love for you to join our horror team! Below are the guidelines that should answer all of your questions on what and how to submit to us. If you have a question or concern that is not addressed here, please feel free to contact us directly, we\d be happy to assist!

Before submitting your material for consideration to be added to our website, please read our Submission information below. All submissions should include the following for the material you are submitting:



Reviews/Interviews for horror movies, books, games, magazines
Stories related to the Horror genre or involve horror (Wicked Tales section)
Thrillers, dark or disturbing fiction are fine as long as they lean more towards horror
Dark & Gothic fantasy art (our Fan Art section)
Grim and horrific crimes (for our Serial Killer section)
Stories of the supernatural, ghosts, and haunting’s (our Wicked Tales section)
Any stories or articles that fall under our Wicked Tales section
Articles, News, and Interviews pertaining to Horror
Video Reviews
Podcast Episodes
Works that provide an immersive experience to the horror genre

Please have a look at the pages that host our Reviews, Wicked Tales, and Features on the website to help get a better understanding of what type of material we include as content on the webzine. Sexual themes and stories with some sexual content are acceptable, but Grim Magazine is not a market for erotica, simply use your own judgment in order for your work not to be rejected.



Stories containing Porn, Erotica or Smut.
No child abuse/sexual abuse or exploitation.
No extreme animal abuse or cruelty.
Excessive language just for the shock effect. Use common sense & good judgment!
No “vignettes” or slice-of-life type of stories
Poetry, of any kind
Novel or novella excerpts
Creative Nonfiction
Screenplays/stage plays



When submitting your reviews, please follow the following guidelines. Failure to do so may result in your request being deleted:
All submissions should be sent to (admin (at) grimmagazine (dot) com).
Please put ‘WEBSITE SUBMISSION’ in the subject line.
Submissions should be in (.TXT), (.DOC), or (.DOCX) format.
Please use Times New Roman, Font Size 12
Do not send more than one review per email submission
Submission should include standard text format, font, spacing, indentation, and paragraphs.

Once submitted, please do not repeatedly contact us asking when the review will be posted. Sadly not all material submitted is picked for the addition of our website. We will contact you once the review has been posted. A good estimate would be something like 2 – 7 days, but this is always dependent on our current workload.



For a MOVIE you would additionally include with your review:
Movie Title:
Release Date:
Reviewed by (your name):
Your Rating: (scale of 1-5, see our rating format
The written review (minimum 5 meaty paragraphs – more is okay also):

For a BOOK, comic, magazine, etc, you would additionally include with your review:
 Book Title:
Release Date:
Reviewed by (your name): 
Your Rating (scale of 1-5, see our rating format:
Book Overview/Synopsis (3-5 sentences at least):
The written review (minimum 3 paragraphs):
Link to the book cover, or just include the image:



Proper use of English, spelling, and grammar
Proper use of conjunctions
Avoid run-on sentences
Written content to be structured and divided into logical paragraphs
Follow submission requirements as provided above
Content to be written in the third person
Stay on point
Avoid submitting any work if you do not feel confident in meeting the requirements.

We will edit reviews for basic spelling and grammar, which does not alter your original submitted content. If there are many errors we may return the review back to you with suggestions on how to fix them. If the movie, book, game, etc., was disliked by you, it’s okay to say so, but please, be sure to add your reasoning behind it, do not just say that it ‘sucks’ as this will not acceptable. If you would like to have someone proof-read or edit your review fully, we can definitely help you with that.



We do not accept multiple submissions in one email, send each one in a separate email, please.
Please wait until we respond to your first submission before you send another.
Do not re-submit the same work, unless we specifically ask you for it.



We accept content having to do with horror, dark fantasy, paranormal, creatures, etc (see our Wicked Tales section).
We are not interested in summaries, or copies of information from the Internet.
Please go into detail. If appropriate, cite examples.



News submissions should always be the lastest in the industry, for that year.
We reserve the right to reject any submission that does not fit within the scope of this website.



Please know that at this time, we are not able to offer monetary payment to our contributors. However, we do offer killer swag and advance copies of horror movies, books, games and more, for you to review and keep for yourself.

Additionally, we have monthly contests and drawings for our website and Social Media members to enter; our writers/contributors are automatically entered in those. However, as the website grows, we will naturally be able to offer better compensation!!



We will ask for proof of “author’s approval” if you submit an article that is not your own.



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Please submit any questions to our CONTACT FORM.